About Me

Alfred Reyes

Blazer Copywriter

Greetings! I'm Alfred Reyes. I'm from The Philippines!

 As you can see, I'm a blazer copywriter, website builder and content marketing researcher. However, it doesn't mean these are my only roles. I also have vast experience in customer services with banking, telecommunications and logistics. I can also work with social media projects and online content creation.

Despite all these roles and responsibilities, I'm a simple guy who likes to talk despite being an introvert. I like reading books, writing in my personal blog, watching movies and if I have time, playing computer games! If I have time! 

I'm here to give assistance or help to make progress to an entrepreneur's or small business owners online campaign. It maybe from building great website landing pages, to getting complete sales data, or a simple visual online campaign, talk to me and we will make it work! 

Feel free to reach out to me. You need someone to help you out for your online presence. I'm here to do that for you!


Any questions? Ask me! Or visit to my sites below;