current brick and mortar store!

For the past decades now and with the dawn of technology, business operations has changed a lot! 


I still remember when I was still working as a customer service representative, telephone is a great way to serve the customers in an effective and efficient way. However, with the creation and innovation of AI smart applications and social media, I think working thru telephone customer services will be less of a priority.

But it doesn’t mean, we should get rid of that aspect but now, all businesses should focus on expanding their presence online. As many customers now learning how to use apps, especially social media, it is now imperative to not ignore these tools and learn to use it for the success of business operations.

Now more than ever, companies are so focused using these tools to keep brand image or boost their sales or even, great for reaching out new customers. However, as much the potential is great, if you do not know how to use it, online marketing strategy won’t be successful or worse, it’s a waste of resources.

I encourage you as an entrepreneur or maybe a small business owner, if you want to reach out more customers or have that great online presence…

Let’s work together and reach your high goals! I know it sounds vague, but I’ll make it simpler for you. =P




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